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newsInformation and articles about hearing and audiology. These are links that will open in a new web page

John Gamblling on New York WNYN AM97 discussing tinnitus with Dr. Herzfeld.
Go to the 16 minute 20 second spot for the start of the interview.

Celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month This October
Dr. Callesano's article in September's Audiology Today

Do Chewing Sounds Make You Crazy?
Slate article on Misophonia

Fractal Tones benefits for tinnitus sufferers
Controlled Study on the Effectiveness of Fractal Tones to aid those who suffer with tinnitus

Dr. Herzfeld discussing misophonia on WCBS News at 11
Seen At 11: How Misophonia Sufferers Cope With Everyday Sounds.

Clinical Trial on the Effectiveness of Widex Zen Therapy for Tinnitus
Dr. Herzfeld's article published in The Hearing Review, October 30, 2014.

Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, and Misophonia Toolbox
Abstract of Dr. Herzfeld's article published in Seminars in Hearing, May, 2014

A Clinician's Experience with Using Fractal Music for Tinnitus Management
Dr. Herzfeld's article published in The Hearing Review, October 11, 2011.

Sufferers of misophonia/4S seek refuge from offending noise
Article from Advance Healthcare Nework quoting Dr. Herzfeld.

For sufferers of misophonia, silence is golden
Article about misophonia in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoting Dr. Herzfeld.

Alternative Therapies: Building Better Treatments for Hearing Loss
The Hearing Journal Article quoting Dr. Herzfeld and tinnitus treatments

If It's Too Loud You May Be a Musician
Loud music causes hearing loss and tinnitus for Pop star

Patterned Sound Therapy for the treatment of Tinnitus
The Hearing Journal article on the Serenade treatment therapy

Suppressing Tinnitus with Music Therapy
New York Times article on notched music tinnitus therapy

Notched Music Therapy May Diminish Tinnitus
Medpage Today report on notched music therapy

A Hearing Aid That Cuts Out All the Clatter
New York Times article on hearing loops and hearing aids equipped with telecoils

1 in 5 U.S. teens has hearing loss
Journal of AMA report on new survey

That Buzzing Sound - The mystery of tinnitus.
The New Yorker article on tinnitus

The Buzz That Veterans Hear
Washington Post article - tinnitus, causes and methods to relieve suffering.

National Public Radio Morning Edition article
Kids' Use of Earbuds Worries Hearing Experts

Hearing aid guide
Basic information on hearing aids and styles of hearing aids from the Better Hearing Institute

Hearing Loss: A Preventable Problem
ABC Health News article

Curb noise induced hearing loss
Guide from the American Academy of Audiology

Drugs that may damage your hearing